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Have you been feeling stuck for a while now, and you’re tired of simply thinking and talking about how you wish things were different?

Imagine if you were to continue on this path, to do nothing… How will things look for you 6-months from now? One year from now?

NOW… Imagine working with a therapist who will motivate you to do something different. Not just talk about change, but DO the change. What is possible for you 6-months from now? How might you feel different even ONE month from now?




Our Holistic Approach


When you feel "out of sync," you may feel unmotivated, confused, lethargic, anxious, and depressed. Your relationships may suffer, along with your productivity at work and belief in yourself. When one area of your life is depleted, it can create imbalance in all other areas of your life. This can include areas of emotional health, physical health, nutrition, sleep, relationships, work, money, and spirituality.

We address clients as a "whole" person within your unique systems...the systems within yourself (biology, thoughts, feelings) and outside of yourself (work, culture, relationships, finances, etc.).

We strive to help you trust and value yourself...especially the inherent power, protection, and messages your body and emotions continuously offer. By learning to decipher these messages, you can learn to respond effectively, facilitate your body's own natural healing process, and live a "synchronous" life!



Our Expertise


At NVision You, we take a holistic approach to treating adult individuals and couples, helping our clients address their emotions, health, weight, relationships, life transitions, sexual identity, spirituality, and career through a combination of cognitive insights, mindfulness tools, and fostering courage to live according to your values and best self.


anxiety & stress Management



work life balance

food & body struggles

identity & belonging

Life Purpose & Meaning

Grief, Loss, & Heartbreak

mindfulness & hypnosis


Chicago, Illinois

Our Location

405 N. Wabash Ave.
Suite 2511
Chicago, IL 60611

Located near downtown Chicago, close to all CTA and el stops, and with street and garage parking available, we serve clients throughout the Chicagoland area. We are especially convenient for those who work or live in the Loop, River North, Streeterville, Gold Coast, Old Town, Lakeshore East, the South Loop, West Loop, and Lincoln Park neighborhoods.


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