Our Services


Individual & Couples Therapy

Through therapy, both individuals and couples can begin to make steps toward overcoming their fears and discomforts, freeing them to courageously live a life they value. We encourage our clients to take healthy risks, make hard decisions, and live with full vitality and no regrets. Sessions typically occur once a week until a client feels stable and that s/he has made progress toward his/her goals. At any time, the client and therapist can discuss frequency of therapy and whether to meet more or less than once per week based on need, time, and financial resources.



When you are committed to making a change in your life, hypnosis can be just the tool to gently nudge you forward. Our therapists can provide hypnosis as an adjunct to the therapy process, whether you are in therapy with us or with another psychotherapist. Hypnosis has proven to been successful for anxiety, behavior changes (smoking, eating, alcohol consumption, exercise), performance anxiety, presentation skills, fear of flying, insomnia, golf improvement, pain management, and many other areas.


Workshops & Training

Our therapists are available for workshops and presentations at corporations, colleges, and non-profit agencies. Some of our past presentations have focused on topics involving relationships, holistic wellness, weight and body issues, stress management, and achieving goals in alignment with one’s personal vision.



We are available to provide consultation to corporations and mental health professionals on topics such as life balance, identity shifts as a result of life transitions, physical and emotional wellness, leadership, motivation, productivity, self-care, and mindful living.